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Here are the 9 Most Dangerous Roller Coaster Rides In The World 

A visit to an amusement park is something to relish, irrespective of age. Millions of people visit parks yearly for relaxation, thrills, and fun, ranging from water slides to roller coaster riders. Regardless of the ride one is looking for, the is assured of a fun and exciting experience. However, these rides can sometimes be dangerous and lead to injuries. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous rides:

Steel Dragon 2000 Japan

Steel roller coasters are the most dangerous amusement park rides in the world. For instance, the Mie Prefecture in Japan’s Nagashima Spa Land amusement park is one of the scariest rides. It is the longest and fastest roller coaster ride using a lift hill. There have been 495 incidents that involved a steel roller coaster resulting in death or injury.

Mission Space, Disney World 

Mission Space is among the most intense space-flight simulators and is connected to a centrifuge similar to the one NASA trainees use. Passengers will be spun and experience force twice that of gravity as they seek to attain weightlessness akin to that astronauts experience in space. Between the summer of 2005-2006, around 200 incidents were reported, including two fatalities. 

Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Over Georgia

This roller coaster can reach up to 80 km/h through a 105-foot loop. There are turns and loops; navigating these at that speed can be terrifying. There was a fatality in 2002 after a 58-year-old woman was hit on the head by a hanging leg of a 14-year-old. 

AKhram Asylum 

Located in Movie World Australia, Akhram Asylum is regarded as among the most dangerous rides in the world. The roller coaster sits at q100 feet with five inversions, and at a speed of 88 km/h, it makes someone’s stomach turn and brains spin. 

Rough Riders 

Rough Riders in Coney Island, New York, opened in 1915 and differed from modern coasters because every car had a ride-on driver similar to a subway train. Unfortunately, an incident involving the car saw its wheels leave the track with the car flipping, causing three riders’ deaths and a bystander.

Derby Racer, Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Derby Racer has a huge history, with its owner falling off one of the coaster cars and dying instantly. Another accident occurred in 1917 when a passenger lost life. The coaster was later demolished and replaced with another, which could close ten years later because of its negative reputation. 

Formula Rossa, Abu Dhabi

Located at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Formula Rossa is an amusement ride that can hit top speeds of 240 km/h. The coaster uses a hydraulic launch system which produces a speed same as that of steam catapults for an aircraft carrier. As a result, the coaster achieves top speed in 4.9 seconds. 

Insanity Ride at Stratosphere

Insanity Ride is a scary ride where riders are spun in the open air. It comprises an arm extending at around 64 feet on the Stratosphere Tower side, standing almost 900 feet tall. It is a mind-blowing experience to get a view of Las Vegas, but because of the height and speed, one rarely gets the chance. 

Verruckt Waterslide, Schlitterbahn, Kansas City

This water slide is the tallest globally, standing almost 170 feet. There were concerns when the water slide opened in 2014  as rafters were thrown into the air at speeds of 70 km/h following its launch, the following years, 13 riders complained of sustaining injuries, including herniated discs and concussions. The park was later shut in 2018.

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