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10 Best Biggest Malls in the World

Malls have become a necessary component of any major city as they provide shoppers with various items ranging from clothing to electronics in the same building. Malls also offer entertainment facilities making them the perfect spots to spend your day. While there are many large malls globally, most of the largest are in Asia due to the continent’s cheap labor and land. Below are ten of the biggest malls in the world today.


This mall opened in 2018 and is among the largest in Asia. It is found in Bangkok, Thailand, and measures 5.65 million sq. ft. The building contains the first Apple store in Thailand and the first Siam Takashimaya retail store. It also has the ICONSIAM Heritage Museum, two residential buildings, and the Hilton Garden Inn Bangkok ICS.

9. Central World

The mall covers an area of 2.013sq. Ft. is also in Bangkok. The mall opened in 1990 but was expanded in 2006, making it the ninth-largest mall globally. It has seven floors and has tenants like Apple Store, SuperSports, and H&M. The mall also has an indoor ice skating rink.

8. Central Westgate

Central West gate is in Bang Yai district, Thailand. It covers an area of 5.923 sq ft and has six floors. The mall has over 1000 stores, including IKEA, an event hall, large movie theaters, and international fashion brands.

7. Golden Resources Mall

Also called Jin Yuan, the mall is in Beijing, China. It covers 6 million sq. ft. and has six floors. When the mall first opened in 2004, it had much fewer visitors than initially anticipated since the amenities were too expensive and the mall was sparsely populated. However, due to urban expansion, it has experienced a customer surge. It has many facilities like specialty restaurants, fast food restaurants, an ice skating rink, and a gym.

6. SM City Tianjin

This mall is in Tianjin, China. It occupies 6.08 million sq. ft. Its facilities include cinemas, supermarkets, wellness centers, and over 8000 parking slots. It also had a kid-friendly exploration for families

5. SM Mall of Asia

The mall in Bay City, Philippines, is the largest in the country. It covers an area of 6.34 sq. ft., has three floors, and has 8000 parking slots. Its tenants include MoA Food Hall, SM Game Park, SM Skating Rink, and others.

4. Isfahan City Center

It is in Isfahan, Iran, and takes up about 7 million square feet. The mall has more than 750 retail stores and services. Its facilities include restaurants, a fair complex, seven cinemas, a world trade center, a roller coaster, a theme park, a supermarket, and airline offices.

3. South China Mall

This mall was once known as the largest empty mall. The previously dead mall is about 7.1 million sq. ft. Found in Dongguan, China, the mall didn’t have many merchants until 2018 after renovations. Its facilities include a food court, hotel, mosque, and musical fountain.

2. IOI City Mall

This mall opened in 2014 in Serdang, Malaysia. It occupies 8,840,000 sq. ft. The mall opened in two phases, the second phase being in 2022. It has an ice skating rink, theme Park, shooting centers, and other amenities.

1.  The Iran Mall

This mall is in Tehran, Iran, and is the largest worldwide. It occupies 21 million sq. ft. The mall has seven floors and more than 20,000 parking slots. It houses a sports complex, three food courts, a food garden, a children’s entertainment center, and luxury hotels.

Although these malls are currently the largest globally, many others in development will likely overthrow them. Nevertheless, these malls offer people a convenient place to shop for just about anything while having fun.

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