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Top 5 Best 90’s Movies on Netflix

Netflix is the home of entertainment for anyone looking to stream content while on the go. Its massive library means you will always find anything from thriller movies to dramas, TV shows, documentaries, and even sports-based shows. While there is no denying the 90s was a golden era for entertainment Netflix has got you covered. The best 90’s movies on Netflix are in abundance, with iconic collections likely to resonate today.

If you grew up in the 90s and want to go back in memory lane and fill your veins with nostalgia, we’ve got you covered with some of the best 90s movies on Netflix.

Best 90’s Movies on Netflix

Boys n the Hood

At a time of heightened racial divide and police brutality, Boys n the Hood is arguably one of the best 90’s movies on Netflix that highlights the race issues in American societies. Released in 1991, in the wake of the Rodney King police beating, the movie paints a picture of how life has always been in the inner city, where police seem to reign rampant.

Written and directed by John Singleton, the movie showcases the lives of three black men featuring rapper Ice Cube living a gangster life in the Hood. On the other hand, Ricky Baker is seeking a football scholarship to kickstart his life away from the Hood, and Tre Styles, a young man guided by his father, Furious Styles.

Heat 1995

When it comes to thriller and action, it does not get any better than Heat, released in 1995, starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. It marked the first time the two prolific actors came together to share the spoils in a movie that will go down as one of the best.

In the movie, De Niro plays out as the head of a gang in search of quick riches while robbing high-value targets in the Los Angeles area. On The other hand, Pacino is a homicide detective tasked with cracking down on De Niro with his crew as they rob banks, vaults, and armored cars.

It stands out as one of the best 90’s movies on Netflix as it ends up being a high-drama pitying the two actors on the other side of the divide.

Apollo 13 1995

Amid the push to take more people to space as part of a new tourism ploy, Apollo 13 showcases how everything started. The 1995 movie starring Tom Hanks as one of the biggest actors of the time showcases how things went wrong as part of a 1970 mission to space.

Based on a true story, Apollo 13 promises to captivate any viewer as a mission to space turns out to be a mission for survival after damage to the space module. In the movie, NASA is forced to devise a strategy to bring the spacecraft back to earth after undergoing massive internal damage that put the lives of three astronauts at risk.

Men in Black 1997

Men in Black is a must-watch if you are into science fiction shows. Based on a comic book, the movie details the workings of two federal agents starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee tasked with keeping an eye on aliens that have invaded New York City.

The two Codenamed Men in Black are tasked with saving the world as the aliens threaten to blow it up. Instead, the two find themselves in the middle of a deadly plot spearheaded by an alien that has invaded the earth and is threatening to blow it up.

Any Given Sunday 1999

If you are into sporty films, it does not get any better than Any Given Sunday, one of the best 90’s movies on Netflix that details the life of D’Amato, a coach of the Miami Sharks. The coach is under pressure to deliver on the pitch as his team struggles miserably.

Things are also not looking good at home for the coach with his marriage on the rocks. The film is a mix of things around ageism and race and also showcases the importance of teamwork.

Bottom Line

Regarding entertainment, the best 90’s movies on Netflix will always carry the day. The film depicts the best of the golden era in the entertainment sector with all-time classic movies and iconic performances by some of the finest actors of the past.

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